SOMA Walker Racer Track Bar  クラシックハンドル クランプ径25.4mm
2007年 12月 26日


SOMA Walker Racer Track Bar

・タンゲクロモリ Chrome-plated Tange Steel
・リーチ:65m ドロップ130mm

SOMA Fabricationsからのもう一つのレトロなハンドル。これは、ドンウォーカー、オーストラリアのチャンピオンレーサーと『メージャー』テイラー元師に対する良い友人の名をとって名づけられます。


What it is:

Another retro creation from Soma Fabrications. This one is named after Don Walker, an Australian champion racer and good friend to Marshal ‘Major’ Taylor.

The 48cm was the size of the original bar Soma drew its inspiration from. There is a narrow flat section and then it almost begins to curve to the drops.

The drops have a 7° flare. The 48cm is measured at the flared ends - center to center. Where your thumbs would be in the drops is about 45.5 cm. There is very little reach.

We had originally thought of calling this the 'Lawson Racer'. This was the name of an old Torrington bar...which was named after an American racer, but Iver Lawson and Major Taylor were arch rivals. Lawson and other racers would often gang up on Taylor on and off the race track. That doesn't sound like someone we want to name a product after, especially one this awesome.n


• Chrome-plated Tange Steel
• Widths: 44, 48cm
• 25.4 mm center
• 130mm drop
• 65mm reach
• Now compatible with track grips



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